London Community Foundation

Covent Garden Market
130 King Street
London, ON N6A 1C5 CANADA
Charitable Registration Number: 10764 1953 RR 0001

T: 519.667.1600
F: 519.667.1615
E: info [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca

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Executive Team 

Martha Powell,

President & CEO                                  
Biography T: 519.667.1600 ext 101 mpowell [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)


Ulyana George
Executive Administrator
Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 108 ulyana [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)

Finance and Operations 

Vijay Venkatesan, CPA, CA,  

Vice President, Finance & Operations
Biography T: 519-667.1600 ext 102 vvenkatesan [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)


Cathy Dunmore
Finance & Administrative Assistant
Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 104 cdunmore [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)

Cathie Antonissen
Operations Administrator
Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 110 cathie [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email) 

Donor Relations 

Diane Silva
Director, Philanthropy
Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 207 DSilva [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)

Angela Franceschino
Donor Relations Specialist
Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 114 angela [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)


Lori Runciman
Director, Grants
Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 105 lrunciman [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)


Linda Turner
Grants Administrator
Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 106 linda [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)

Marketing and Communications 

Vanessa Dolishny

 Manager, Communications
Biography T: 519.667.1600 ext. 107 vanessa [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)







Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 114 ulyana [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email) 

Mahnaz Beiraghdar

Project Administrator

Biography T: 519-667-1600 ext 106 ulyana [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (email)