About Us

About London Community Foundation

London Community Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to improving communities across London and Middlesex County through collaboration, strategic leadership, and innovative solutions to charitable giving. An endowment based foundation, London Community Foundation ensures the long-term vitality of the community by investing funds in perpetuity. Belonging to a network of over 191 Community Foundations across Canada, and over 1800 community foundations around the world, our movement works to make an impact locally, nationally and globally.

Our Mission

We create a vibrant, smart and caring community through strategic investing that drives innovative community-based initiatives. 

Our Vision

A community working together to enrich the quality of life for all.

Our Principles

We strengthen the community by investing in projects that:

  • emphasize prevention rather than remediation
  • encourage networking and collaboration among organizations
  • demonstrate innovative or interdisciplinary approaches
  • develop local leadership capacity
  • reflect diversity and inclusivity
  • provide leveraging possibilities in order to build skills, capabilities and assets of people and groups in our community.

What we do

All gifts are invested and held forever in an endowment. Through prudent investment and due diligence in grantmaking, the Foundation is able to ensure that our donors' wishes are respected in perpetuity. By establishing a fund with London Community Foundation we can help you give back in a highly customized, flexible manner. Through London Community Foundation a donor can support multiple charities, specific areas of interest, offer alternative giving solutions or create unique opportunities to leverage funding with others. Like an honest broker, the staff provide neutral advice keeping donors' interests at heart. With knowledgeable staff who possess in-depth knowledge about community initiatives, we can help you give back in a way that is meaningful for you. We facilitate local, national and international giving offering you a multitude of ways to give back. Our global network of community foundations uniquely positions us to make connections with charities all over the world. With strong governance through our board and grants committee, you can be assured the most strategic granting decisions are being made.