Professional Advisors

Be the Catalyst for Change

As a trusted advisor you strive to ensure your client's best interests are taken care of. An unsung hero of philanthropy, you have the power to shape your clients giving, connecting them to the causes that matter to them.

Helping Your Clients Realize Their Charitable Dreams

Your client doesn't need to be a millionaire to make an impact on the community. By partnering with London Community Foundation your client can take an active role in their charitable giving. With in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our community, our team will assist your client in making strategic granting decisions, maximizing tax benefits on their assets while helping drive community change. Offering personalized giving solutions that have a long-term impact, you help them leave a legacy that will live on forever.

Do Well By Doing Good

By connecting your client with us, you instill trust and confidence that builds the foundation for a deeper, long-lasting relationship, Like an honest broker, we provide neutral advice keeping your client's best interests at heart. By helping your client leave a charitable legacy, you establish a multi-generational relationship that will engage family members for years to come.