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TAP Supports Youth in Building a Bridge to Adulthood

Between 10 and 20% of Canadian youths are affected by a mental illness or disorder. With wait times for service ranging from a couple of months to over a year, the need for quality, affordable, and accessible mental health care services is apparent now more than ever. So, in 2015, the London Health Sciences Foundation received a $250,000 Community Vitality Grant from LCF for the Transition Age Project (TAP).

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A Home for the Brave: LCF Invests in Second Italian Seniors' Project Building

Residenza Italia, built and run by the Italian Seniors’ Project (ISP), is a seniors’ apartment building that has been operating for 8 years. In addition to the affordable rent it offers its tenants, Residenza Italia was designed to foster a sense of community and to alleviate the loneliness that often comes later in life.

“Anybody can build a square block, fill it with people and close the door,” says Claudio De Vincenzo, Italian Seniors Project board member. “We’re trying to build communities.”

This philosophy is carrying over to ISP’s next undertaking: Residenza Ortona.

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Full Steam Ahead: Fanshawe Pioneer Village’s Steam Engine Restored

In 1912, a steam engine rolled out of the George White and Sons Company factory in London. Painted bright green and red, the machine would go on to plough fields, run threshing machines and drive small saw mills. Years later, it would roll into a scrapyard, pitted and rusted with a balding paintjob, fading from machine to memory.

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