Help us connect you to donors with our Funding Needs Registry!

Help us connect you to donors with our Funding Needs Registry!

by Lori Runciman


Part of our role as a community foundation is to curate an understanding of community needs, but it can be challenging to connect donors to projects and organizations that align with their values.

One reason for this is that not all charities realize they can share their funding needs with us even if they don’t fit the criteria of our formal grant programs. Recognizing this has inspired us to rename and redesign our General Intake portal.

Now named the Funding Needs Registry, the revamped portal invites charitable organizations to create a profile and submit up to three funding needs, allowing us to connect them to like-minded donors more efficiently. While creating a profile and submitting funding needs doesn’t necessarily guarantee funding, it does make it easier to identify and react to opportunities as they arise.

In the past, the portal has allowed us to connect our donors to some amazing initiatives in our community.

One family fund, for example, has a self-imposed mandate: to support mental health initiatives in London. We were able to connect them with Daya Counselling Centre and Family Service Thames Valley so they could increase the resources of these community counselling programs, helping Londoners who desperately need mental health care.

Another family fund was able to support a wish fulfillment through Sunshine Foundation for a local child with cerebral palsy because we were aware of both the needs of the organization and the goals of the donor.

We’re hoping the Funding Needs Registry creates more connections like these – connections that create real, positive change in our community.

Do you represent a registered charitable organization? Would you like to create a Funding Needs Registry profile and submit a funding need? Click here! Remember, while a wide variety of needs are accepted, we’re not able to guarantee all will receive funding. If you’re unsure of the suitability of your need, please get in touch with me.