Back to the River needs your help!

Back to the River Needs Your Help!

by Martha Powell

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Back to the River is in jeopardy as the City’s Strategic Priorities and Policies Committee reviews and revises the new strategic plan for the City of London.

We need your help! If you’re in support of this project we urge you to contact your local ward councillor and tell them why you believe this project is an important part of our city’s strategic plan.

Here are the facts…


What is it? Back to the River is a river revitalization project spearheaded by LCF in partnership with the City of London and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, starting with a revitalization of a five kilometre stretch of the Thames River that runs through the downtown core.

Why? The Thames River is the heartbeat of our city and over the years we’ve turned our back on it. We want to mobilize our community around this incredible natural resource to create a sense of community pride and belonging. This project will have a transformative economic impact on our city, revitalize our downtown core, and ensure environmental sustainability for the future.


What’s happened so far:

  • The City has set aside $5 million for the inaugural project at the Forks of the Thames and $700,000 for the environmental assessment for the phase 2 inaugural project in SoHo.

  • LCF has secured $2 million in private donations for the inaugural project at the Forks, $750,000 for SoHo, as well as a $3 million bequest to be used as a social impact loan for the creation affordable housing in SoHo.

  • Ward 2 Councillor Shawn Lewis has voiced public opposition towards the project and intends to put forth a motion to redirect the City’s $5 million commitment to another initiative.

  • LCF has sent a letter to the Strategic Priorities and Policies Committee to reaffirm the City’s commitment to this project.

LCF is determined to see this project come to fruition. There are numerous environmental, civic, and cultural benefits to this project, not to mention the tremendous economic impact it will have on our community. This project will positively impact everyone in our community, including our most vulnerable.

So please, help share your enthusiasm for this project. We believe in London and we believe in Back to the River!