True Sport

Investing in sport is investing in our community


Whether it’s cheering on a little league game from the sidelines, volunteering as a coach, or even playing ourselves, we all know how good it feels to be a part of a team. Sport’s benefits are numerous: from improving our health and fitness, to increasing out sense of belonging to making our community more inclusive and resilient.

It’s hard to imagine our community thriving without sport. In fact, 85% of Canadians believe that sport participation builds stronger communities and about 28% of adults and 50% of children participate in sport every year according to the True Sport Foundation. Yet participation rates are declining, gender gaps continue, and many people are excluded from experiencing sport’s positive contribution to community and individual vitality.

The Challenge

While the average volunteer-run organization receives 49% if their funding from the government sport organizations on average receive only 12%. In addition, sport organizations often find it difficult to demonstrate their value to potential grantees, and universal systems are not in place to support charitable investment in sport.

This is changing. The True Sport Principles founded on the notion that good sport can make a great difference are designed to help communities and organizations leverage the many benefits of sport. By working with organizations that adhere to the True Sport Principles, London Community Foundation can now ensure that a donation to sport is a donation to our community: instilling character in our children, strengthening our sense of belonging, and increasing our opportunities for excellence.

The Opportunity

London Community Foundation is currently seeking charitable donations from individuals and groups to foster initiatives that deliver on the True Sport Principles and strengthen our community.

There are many ways to contribute

London Community Foundation works with donors to help them achieve their charitable goals and invest financial capital in our community. The process of giving to True Sport programs is easy and there are many ways to contribute, including monthly donations and setting up or contributing to an endowment. Whatever way you choose to give your donation will be fully tax receiptable.

If you are a sport organization interested in receiving funds, or an individual wanting to support local sport programs in the community, contact Lori Runciman.