“Shelter is not just about four walls - it’s about connection to the community.” - Andrea Jibb, Indigenous Community Planner, Atlohsa Family Healing Services


These words spoken by Andrea at our recent Vital Conversation deeply resonated with me. What does it mean to call a place a home? When I think about home I think of safety, security, shelter, but most of all it is a place where I am loved, respected, and cared for. Home is the place where I belong.

Unfortunately, thousands of children, seniors and vulnerable adults in our community can’t count on this basic need.  With rising costs, precarious employment and a shortage of affordable housing units, more Londoners are living in inadequate housing and shelters are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Housing is the foundation of well-being and is at the root of many other pressing issues such as poverty, mental and physical health, addiction, and employment. When we provide people with a home, we have the potential to transform their lives.

Homes Unlimited is a perfect example of an organization doing just that. Providing safe, affordable, and accessible housing for individuals and families, Homes Unlimited offers residents an enhanced quality of life and sense of belonging.

It is because of their leadership and holistic approach that LCF has invested in a $1.62 million loan to support Homes Unlimited’s new affordable housing property at 99 Pond Mills Road.

“What’s unique about Homes Unlimited is that we meet our tenants wherever they’re at,” says Jim Foote, Board of Directors, Homes Unlimited. “Partnering with other community organizations such as Dale Brain Injury, Community Living London and ANOVA, some tenants may have special needs. Whether it be health related, such as a disability, or financially, it’s not a one size fits all approach. Our community is diverse and our housing should reflect and accommodate its diverse needs.”

Chadwyck Chung, a longtime resident says Homes Unlimited has had a significant positive impact on his life.

“Living with a chronic illness, I face multiple challenges on a day-to-day basis. I’m very grateful for the Homes Unlimited team who make it possible for tenants like me to live affordably and maintain my independence despite the stresses that can come with an illness such as mine.”

Homes Unlimited is just one of 11 affordable housing projects LCF has invested in to tackle London’s housing crisis. With over $10 million available in our Social Impact Fund and over $6 million in loans already invested, primarily in the London community, we are mobilizing our community around one of its greatest needs. But we can’t do it alone...

It is thanks to your generosity that we’re able to invest in bold solutions that will create transformative change. By supporting London Community Foundation you’re helping to create a community where everyone belongs.

I invite you to join us as we continue to be a catalyst for change in London and Middlesex by making a gift in support of London Community Foundation. Because with a strong Foundation, anything we dream is possible, together.