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The London Endowment for Heritage Fund supports projects in London that conserve and promote awareness of our heritage in all the forms it takes.

Please choose the relevant application depending on the nature of the project. Before starting your application, be sure to use the preview application form to develop your answers first as you will not be able to save and return to the online form:

Archaeological Heritage

Your project promotes awareness and furthers the study of archaeology in the City of London.

Architectural Heritage

Your project conserves, restores, reconstructs and/or repairs the heritage features of the property. Qualified applicants are owners of designated heritage properties under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act located in London, Ontario.

Cultural Landscapes

Your project promotes awareness of cultural heritage landscapes and is of benefit to the community of London.

Moveable Heritage

Your project promotes awareness of publicly or privately owned material resources that can be moved from location to location. Broad categories include artifacts, archival materials and art. 

Natural Heritage

Your project promotes awareness of natural heritage and is of benefit to the community of London.


2018 recipients +

Moveable Heritage Stream Recipient Projects:

  • $2,000 Diabetes Canada for the purchase of hygrothermographs to maintain the integrity of Dr. Frederick Banting’s artwork in the art gallery at Banting House, a museum and national historic site devoted to his life in London and his discovery of insulin.
  • $2,000 Western Libraries to create an improved finding aid, digitize key materials and make resources available online for The Harris Family fonds, an important Western University Archives collection.

Cultural Landscape Stream Recipient Projects:

  • $3,000 Reforest London for the restoration of the historic guardhouse that will welcome visitors to the Westminster Ponds Centre and, through educational signage, teach and raise awareness about the site’s important cultural and natural heritage.

Archaeological Heritage Stream Recipient Projects:

  • $2,000 Museum of Ontario Archaeology for Lawson archaeological site outdoor wayfinding signs to direct the site’s narrative and lead visitors to significant cultural, geological and environmental elements throughout the grounds.

Architectural Heritage Stream Recipient Projects (Heritage Properties):

  • $500 Chimney repair
  • $750 Wood storm windows
  • $1,000 Reconstruction of front porch
  • $1,000 Porch restoration
  • $1,000 Porch restoration
  • $1,000 Thrive Real Estate Development Corp. for restoration of stained glass at 1061 Richmond Street, London
  • $1,000 Living Fountain Christian Centre for roof repair at 138 Wellington Street, London
  • $1,000 Montessori Academy for new concrete steps at 362 Commissioners Road W, London
  • $2,500 St. John the Evangelist for general restoration at 280 St. James Street, London

2017 recipients +

Moveable Heritage Stream Recipient Projects:

  • $500 Architectural Conservancy Ontario – London Region for Marshall Bros. Tea Façade - Resurrection - when the Talbot streetscape was demolished in the 1990s, ACO and Museum London saved and stored the Marshall Bros. Tea (1873) building’s façade, protected, but unseen for over 20 years. ACO with expertise from Museum London, will move the façade to the Central branch of the London Public Library where this treasure will be visible again.
  • $500 Westminster Township Historical Society for Indexing and Organizing Scrapbooks and Information – The Society’s aim is the preservation of the township’s heritage by documenting oral and visual projects. It has 68 vintage scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, including births, deaths and weddings and other local history. The Society will index the names and organize the information for genealogy and historical research.

Architectural Heritage Stream Recipient Projects (Heritage Properties):

  • $500 Repair of gutters and perlins
  • $500 London door/restoration of pendants
  • $500 Repair and paint all exterior wood
  • $500 Staining and protecting wooden house exterior
  • $1,000 Foundation repair
  • $1,000 Repair and reconstruction of front porch
  • $1,000 Restoration and reconstruction of chimneys
  • $1,000 Replace or repair windows, balcony railing, front porch handrails
  • $1,000 Restore or repair porch, floor and ceiling
  • $1,000 Replace windows
  • $2,500 Installation and restoration of windows
  • $4,000 Repair of windows and other issues
  • $4,500 The Diocese of Huron – St. Paul’s Cathedral for interior repair of water infiltration damage
  • $5,000 Ontario Dental Assistant Association for restoration of north and east side porches at their 869/871 Dundas Street building

2016 recipients +

Moveable Heritage Stream Recipient Projects:

  • $2,000 Congregation Or Shalom for Historical Boards as a focus at the 50th anniversary Gala Celebration 1966-2016 - to illustrate the history of the establishment of the synagogue, evolution in religious practices, Social and Cultural event highlights through the years, role in education of both youth and adults, role within the Jewish Community and the community as a whole and our connection to Israel.
  • $1,000 Jet Aircraft Museum for Travelling aircraft - a disabled T-33 jet is being altered to create a road travelling aircraft that will be mounted to a trailer and used for military and aviation programs and exhibits throughout Southwestern Ontario. The aircraft will also be accessible inside so that individuals can experience what it is like in the cockpit of a vintage aircraft.
  • $1,000 The Light at the End of the Tunnel - historical documentary that highlights the personal journey of a few escaped slaves that used the Underground Railroad to come to London, and how they made impacts on society and London's culture upon arriving and settling in the mid 1800s.

Cultural Heritage Landscape Stream Recipient Project:

  • $500 Traverse the Thames Awareness and Appreciation Campaign - An online, website and media awareness campaign about the Thames River, and the impact it has on the landscape, our lives, how communities were developed around the water, and its effect on so many aspects of our society, including lifestyle and infrastructure. The core of the campaign will be centered on a canoe journey, where participants will canoe/kayak the entire length of the river from Mitchell to Lake St. Clair: 287 km.

Architectural Heritage Stream Recipient Projects (Heritage Properties):

  • $1,000 Second level porch
  • $2,000 Painting and front door
  • $3,000 Porch
  • $800 Conical roof finials and chimney caps
  • $500 Rebuilt stone wall on west side of driveway
  • $1,000 Three wood storm windows and remove aluminum storm windows
  • $1,000 Replace wood windows with wood windows
  • $7,000 LIFE*SPIN (Low Income Family Empowerment * Sole-support Parent Information Network) for Canopies for five storefronts – historical photographs show them on the façade of the building and the canopies will help to protect the restored stain glass.


Heritage Related: Kyle Gonyou, Heritage Planner, City of London
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