Kayser Family Foundation

Kayser Family Foundation

by Bob and Alexandra Kayser

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Retiring back to London in 2001 to be close to our children and grandchildren, after many relocations during a 30-year career with Medtronic, we set objectives for this next life phase – which included broadening our community service commitments as a way of paying back.

After examining the option of creating our own family trust to administer our agency giving, and discussing the options with our children, we decided to place our funds with London Community Foundation. We were able to establish an endowment fund to provide a legacy here in our adopted community, and a Donor-Advised Fund, which allowed us to self-direct granting to our agencies of focus. We feel strongly in having LCF as our partner for legacy planning and generational succession transfer.

With the LCF excellence in managing these community assets, along with very low administrative fees, we were able to take advantage of the wide and deep community reach that LCF delivers to its fundholders in order provide connections with and education about critical need areas in London.

We’ve also found the LCF staff to provide consistent levels of over-service administratively, which has made our granting so seamless. Thank you, LCF!

Our Foundation

Established in 2004, the Kayser Family Foundation focuses primarily (but not exclusively) on supporting areas of need involving women, children and health care. The geographic scope of our granting is estimated at 60% London, 20% rest of Ontario and 20% rest of Canada.