Megan Holliday Memorial Fund

Megan Holliday Memorial Fund

Megan Holliday

The tragedy of their daughter passing away before her 21st birthday was what inspired Ron and Susan Holliday to establish their Donor-Advised Fund. A cheerful, ambitious, high-achieving young woman, Megan Holliday died from a head injury while attending the University of Southern California on a swimming scholarship.

“The worst thing a parent can go through, besides the passing of their child, would be the fact that people would forget them,” says Susan. “So this was our way of remembering her.”

The Hollidays began their philanthropic journey in 1993, granting to causes they believed were close to Megan’s heart. They supported the London aquatic community, animal shelters and various social service organizations, and their giving blossomed from there.

“The power of endowment allows us to be more deeply involved with what our community’s needs are. As the community’s needs change, so do the causes we support,” says Ron. “Every year we get to think about Megan and what her life might be. Her vitality continues through our ability to endow.”

After more than two decades, the Hollidays’ granting now exceeds their original investment.

The couple continues to be amazed with the donations from friends and family that come in every year in Megan’s memory. With three sons who will continue to administer the fund after their passing, Susan and Ron are proud to know that Megan’s legacy will live on forever.

“This tragedy brought our family very close together,” says Ron. “One day, after we’re gone, our boys will be in charge of the fund. It brings us joy to know that every year they’ll come together and make donations to charities Megan would’ve supported.”