Vital People


London Community Foundation will accept Vital People Award nominations from January 8 until the deadline of February 5, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. Thank you to all of the nominators.

Vital People Awards are available to those taking on new leadership challenges, as well as those with many years of experience. 

Charitable organizations play an important role in ensuring the vitality of our community. We rely on the individuals within these organizations who take initiative and demonstrate leadership every day. The Vital People Award Program recognizes and supports these leaders in our community by investing in their success through professional development opportunities. This award program is supported by the Smart and Caring Community Fund.

Preview the 2019 nomination form

Please note that you will not able to save and return to the online nomination submission form, so proceed to that step when you are confident in your responses to the questions. We strongly advise that you use the preview form above to develop your award nomination responses to the questions prior to commencing the online nomination submission.

When the award is open for nominations, the following link will be live; when you are ready to begin your online submission, please go to this link to access the nomination form:



An employee that has never been a Vital People award recipient at any organization, and who is at any staffing level - from the most junior to the most senior position within an organization - can be nominated. 


We will accept only one nomination per organization – multiple nominations from an organization will not be accepted. 

Also, we will accept only one professional development opportunity per nominee. 

The nominee must:

  • demonstrate leadership
  • be employed by a registered charitable organization
  • work in London or Middlesex County
  • have a passion for personal professional growth and ability to practically apply what they learn to benefit the community
  • choose a professional development provider that is a certified institution, firm or organization. 

Past Vital People Award recipients are not eligible for nomination. 

Organizations receiving the Vital People Award grant must submit a report to be eligible to nominate other staff members in the subsequent years. Grant reporting information can be found here.


$10,000 is available for Vital People Award grants. The maximum grant per person per organization shall not exceed $2,000. Grants are intended to support training or other development opportunities - through a certified institution, firm or organization - that will build the recipient’s skills or knowledge and ultimately enhance their contributions to the community.

LCF staff will assess all nominations and select recipients. All nominators will be notified in early April as to whether their Vital People Nomination was selected.  Grants will be issued by end of April. Official award recognition will take place at the Foundation's annual Community Vitality Celebration in the Fall.

Questions? Contact Linda Turner, Grants Administrator, by email linda [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca or phone 519-667-1600 x106.