General Intake


The London Community Foundation granted over $4 million in 2017. About half of the grant recipients were selected through one of the Foundation’s formal grant programs (eg. Community Vitality or London Endowment for Heritage). The other half of these grants were selected by fundholders; an individual, family or organization that’s established an endowment fund and decides annually what it will support.

What is General Intake?

An online submission that collects essential information on organizational funding needs. It’s the “door” to come through to access funding support; especially if you’re not sure if you qualify for the formal programs. The Foundation’s catchment is London and Middlesex County and we are committed to continuous education and discovery of how we can contribute to impactful programs and initiatives in our community. The General Intake makes this possible.

Why submit to General Intake?

To help you optimize your opportunity for support through the London Community Foundation, we’ve designed a General Intake submission form. This will facilitate eligibility consideration of your funding need(s) as compared to the funding support available through the Foundation. From time to time, new streams of funding support emerge and the Foundation relies on the submissions on file to promptly respond.

Who should fill out the General Intake form?

It’s recommended a submission is made if you are a qualified donee serving London and/or Middlesex County and any of the following applies:

  • you’re unsure if the funding need fits one of the Foundation’s formal grant programs;
  • your organization has not previously applied to the Foundation and you’re unsure if your funding needs align with the Foundation’s granting priorities;
  • the Foundation has a relationship with your organization (via a past grant or meeting) and you wish to keep the Foundation aware of current funding needs.

How does it work?

Should you decide to make a submission, create an account with the online portal. You can enter up to three submissions on an annual basis. 

Once you complete and submit your funding need, the Foundation staff are notified. If needed, they will review and follow-up with you with questions and explain next steps. A face-to-face meeting or phone call may be arranged if the Foundation has not yet – or recently – met with your organization.

Is there a deadline?

No, we accept submissions year-round. However, the majority of funding support for General Intake submissions comes from fundholders whose granting activity is busiest between May and December. 

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