Recognition Guidelines

If you have received a grant from us:

  • Use the Community Foundation name and logo on printed materials related to the grant
  • Name the fund from which you received a grant
  • Link to Community Foundation website from your organization's website
  • Place commemorative signage at your events
  • Acknowledge our support in Power Point presentations, videos or reports
  • Make an announcement at one of your regular/special events or meetings
  • Mention Community Foundation’s support in print, radio or television interviews you give about the project

Print Use

Both black/white and colour versions of our logo are available for download (see bottom of this page). Ideally, we would like you to use the EPS (encapsulated post script) versions of our logo whenever possible.

Website Use

If you display our logo on your website, also include an active link to our site. Our coloured TIFF or JPG files are ideal for website promotion usage.


All media related to your grant must be submitted to the Foundation for approval prior to being issued. You may not alter the Community Foundation’s logo in any manner, including its layout, colors or elements. The Community Foundation logo should only be used to recognize a grant to your organization. Should you wish to use our logo for any other purpose, please contact us.


The Foundation appreciates informal updates about each grant. Submit to us in whatever form is easiest - phone call, email, facebook post etc.

Some grants may require a more formal report. You will receive notification as to what is required and when it is due.

Logos for Download

eps version (colour)

eps version (reverse)

jpg version(colour)

eps version (black)

jpg version (black)