London Endowment for Heritage


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About the Grant: The London Endowment for Heritage Fund supports projects in the City of London that: 

Archaeological Heritage
promote awareness and further the study of archaeology in the City of London, and be of benefit to the community of London.

Architectural Heritage
conserve, restore, reconstruct and/or repair the heritage features of the property. Qualified applicants are owners of designated heritage properties under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act located in London, Ontario.

Cultural Landscapes
promote awareness of cultural heritage landscapes and be of benefit to the community of London.

Moveable Heritage
promote awareness of moveable heritage and be of benefit to the community of London. Moveable heritage is defined as publicly or privately owned material resources that can be moved from location to location. Broad categories include artifacts, archival materials and art. 

Natural Heritage
promote awareness of natural heritage and be of benefit to the community of London.

Amount Available: Up to $16,000 is available in 2019 for distribution among successful applicants from all five streams. Grant monies received must be expended within 24 months from the notification date.

When the fund is open for applications, the links above will be live; when you are ready to begin your online application, please go to the heritage application that is relevant to you to access the application form.

Please note that you will not able to save and return to the online applicaion submission form, so proceed to that step when you are confident in your responses to the questions. We strongly advise that you use the preview form to develop your heritage application responses to the questions prior to commencing the online application submission.

Download the preview PDF to prepare your application for the Architectural Heritage stream.

2019 Architectural PREVIEW PDF

Download the PDF to prepare your application for Archaeological, Cultural Landscapes, Moveable or Natural Heritage streams.

2019 Other Streams PREVIEW PDF


Heritage Related: Kyle Gonyou, Heritage Planner, City of London - kgonyou [at] london [dot] ca | 519-661-2489 x 5344

Application Process Related: Lori Runciman, Director, Grants, London Community Foundation - grants [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca | 519-667-1600 x 105

Technical: Linda Turner, Grants Administrator, London Community Foundation - linda [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca or 519-667-1600 X106