Ivey Unsung Heroes Award


London Community Foundation accepted Ivey Unsung Heroes Award nominations from January 8, 2018 until the deadline of February 20, 2018 at 2:00 P.M. Thank you to all of the nominators.

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The Ivey Unsung Heroes Award recognizes a volunteer who has strengthened the community in London or Middlesex County.  The award recipient will receive a $2,000 grant to be donated to a charity of his/her choice. The Grants Committee will assess all nominations and select a recipient. All nominators will be notified by early April as to whether their nomination was selected.  Official award presentation will take place at the Foundation's Celebration event in the fall.


The Ivey Award for Excellence was created in 1985 by London Community Foundation to honour the Ivey Family of London for their outstanding contribution to our community. A strong sense of duty and community service has been embraced by four generations of the Iveys, who have become one of Canada’s leading philanthropic families. Through strategic philanthropy, the Iveys encourage excellence in our community, challenging leaders to creatively anticipate and meet community needs.

The theme of London Community Foundation’s 2015 Annual report was Celebrating Unsung Heroes. This was chosen because the Foundation has the privilege of witnessing every day the acts of individuals, families and organizations in our community who are doing work quietly, under the radar and are making an impact in a big way. To reflect this, beginning in 2017, the Ivey Award for Excellence is now the Ivey Unsung Heroes Award.


1. The Ivey Unsung Heroes Award recognizes an individual:

  • Who quietly, without acclaim or undue attention, has made substantive, voluntary contributions to a Vital Signs issue area through which she or he exhibited personal motivation and/or moral courage;
  • Whose work, project or initiative through her or his volunteer efforts serve as a model for our community;
  • Whose contributions for which she or he is being nominated has made a significant impact to a cause, person or group; and
  • Who may have already received recognition for her or his contributions but not on a large or community-wide scale.

2. Whose volunteerism must take place in London/Middlesex.

3. Only individuals may be nominated. The honour cannot be awarded to a group or organization.

4. The volunteerism may be connected to an individual’s employment (e.g. a drama teacher, camp counsellor, or social worker), but volunteer efforts a nominee does above and beyond her or his professional role will be given a higher ranking in the judging process.

Past Award Honourees

2017 Gabor Sass

2016 Jeff Macoun

2015 Andrea Payne

2014  Stanley Caveney

2013   Paul van der Werf

2012   David Crockett

2011  Winifred Wake