Ivey Unsung Heroes Award

Announcement: Award Discontinuation

After more than 35 years of volunteer recognition, the Ivey Unsung Heroes Award (formerly known as the Ivey Award for Excellence) is being discontinued. There are a number of great public recognition opportunities for community volunteers in our community and to avoid duplicating efforts, LCF has decided to recognize and honour the Ivey family's philanthropic spirit in different ways.

The award was established in 1985 as a way to honour the Ivey family and their outstanding contribution to our community. Since then, London Community Foundation has recognized more than 35 individuals and their volunteer efforts, thanking them for their contribution to our community by providing them with a grant to an organization of their choice.  We’re proud to say that upwards of $40,000 has been granted back into our community, thanks to the incredible volunteers in our community and the organizations they support.

The Ivey family will always be honoured in our community, with London Community Foundation ensuring that the Ivey family endowment funds will continue to support our community - every single year.

Past Award Honourees


2018 Mike Ryan

2017 Gabor Sass

2016 Jeff Macoun

2015 Andrea Payne

2014 Stanley Caveney

2013 Paul van der Werf

2012 David Crockett

2011 Winifred Wake