Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers 2016

Sep. 13, 2017

Sovereign's Medal RecipientsThe Sovereign’s Medal for volunteers recognizes the exceptional volunteer achievements of Canadians and celebrates a wide range of voluntary contributions. As an official honour created by the Crown, the Sovereign’s Medal is part of the Canadian Honours System. Formerly known as the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award, this honour was created in 1995 to recognize the unsung heroes who volunteer their time, their efforts and a great deal of their lives to helping others.

Thank you to Dr. William J. Wall, Member of the Order of Canada for representing the Governor General of Canada at our awards presentation as we honoured the four recipients below.

1. Donna Bourne

“Donna is a true leader. Her calm, straightforward demeanour immediately inspires respect. She is not afraid to make tough decisions but does so in a kind and compassionate manner. In sports, education, social services and many other areas, Donna is there, setting an example of quiet strength and genuine caring. It’s difficult to imagine London without her!” —Libby Fowler, Nominator

2. Murray Faulkner

“Whether he is providing guidance in a mentorship capacity, fundraising for an important cause or the master of ceremonies at a charity event, Murray’s commitment is evident and admirable. He brings years of leadership experience and a great deal of respect for others to everything he gets involved with. He stands out for his dedication and compassion for those he serves. Murray is completely deserving of this award.” —Larry Myny, Nominator

3. Fred Galloway

“I’ve worked and volunteered with Fred for nearly 20 years. I’ve found him to be caring, strategic, creative, conscientious and thoroughly reliable. He is extremely professional in his approach to volunteerism, has an enviable work ethic and has an astonishing command of critical issues over time. He is extraordinarily strategic and always has a thoughtful and comprehensive understanding of the problem at hand. Put simply, Fred is a go-to guy in our community, and London — and Canada — are the better for having him amongst us.” —John Nicholson, Nominator

4. Glen Pearson

“Glen works tirelessly on both local and international levels to help create societies of equity, caring and compassion. Making a difference is a constant theme in his life, and he does this by creating stronger community bonds and calling people to act from their best selves. Glen is deserving of this award not only because he is a caring person, but because he calls on all of us to create a more caring society and world.” —Sister Sue Wilson, Nominator