Help Salthaven Take Wing!

Dec. 16, 2013

Striving to rehabilitate sick or injured animals back to health, Salthaven Wildlife and Rehabilitation Centre is nothing short of amazing in the feats it is able to accomplish. Acting like a MASH unit for sick and injured animals, the volunteers and employees work on the frontlines of wildlife rescue for the London Middlesex area.

Treating injured and sick wild animals with compassion and sensitivity, each animal that is admitted to Salthaven is assessed, diagnosed and treated through an individually tailored veterinary care program that includes hospital care, medicating, feeding, physical therapy, exercising and pre-releasing. Despite having to work in cramped facilities, the volunteers and staff are able to deliver care that ranges from basic to advanced.

One of the regions hidden gems, Salthaven has been at its present location in Mount Brydges since 2002. However, as its patient load increases every year so has the need for expanded facilities. Salthaven cared for 953 animals in 2012 alone, with a patient survival rate of 65 per cent; higher than the survival rate of many species in the wild. Moreover, over 600 animals were released back into the wild in 2012. It is clear that without the help of Salthaven, many injured or ill animals would never have a chance to survive or thrive in the wild.

Luckily, Salthaven has been presented with an exciting opportunity. Recently a benefactor has offered to donate land to Salthaven in order to build a new, larger facility. However, Salthaven requires $1.2 million in order to make this dream become a reality. Having raised 10 per cent of this total, Salthaven is rallying its animal loving supporters and friends to help them reach this goal.

For several years now, London Community Foundation has been helping donors who are passionate about wildlife fulfill their charitable dreams by making yearly grants to Salthaven. Bob Forbes, a Foundation donor is one of those individuals. Growing up with a love for animals, Bob says that he can’t remember a time when animals haven’t been part of his life.

When he started a donor advised fun with the Foundation in 2003, there was no question that he wanted his granting to support animal welfare. With a particular interest in supporting wildlife rehabilitation, Salthaven seemed like a natural fit; especially since supporting a local organization was important to him. Now, Bob couldn’t be more pleased with his decision to support Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. He keeps up with Salthaven by following Salthaven’s patient of the week in the Londoner as well as keeping his eye out for any television or print news stories.

After LCF had heard so much positive feedback from donors who had granted to Salthaven, like Bob, we just had to go to the Salthaven site for a visit.  The Foundation staff was astonished with the extent of care and support given to the animals at Salthaven. Proud to have connected so many donors to this worthy organization, we are now calling upon you for your help to support Salthaven in reaching its $1.2 million goal in order to serve its patients better in a new facility.

Most importantly, a new facility would mean that Salthaven would have capacity to take in more patients and save more lives. Additionally a new facility would allow Salthaven to engage the public by permitting public tours with a thoughtfully designed plan. That would allow interested public to view the centre without exposing the animals to much stress and protect visitors from disease. Eventually this new space will also hold potential to incorporate educational programming in Salthaven’s mandate.

If you are passionate about animals, making a contribution towards Salthaven’s new facility is a wonderful way to make an impact on the well-being of local wildlife.

To learn more about Salthaven click here.

If you are interested in making a grant through your fund to Salthaven contact DSilva [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca (Diane Silva), Senior Development Officer.

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