Foundation donors give back to the community that gives to them for Giving Tuesday

Dec. 01, 2014

London Community Foundation donors Paul and Bernadette Wainwright believe sincerely in the power of giving back to their community.

This year on Tuesday December 2nd, Paul and Bernadette are participating in Giving Tuesday by giving back to their favourite causes and challenging others to do the same.

Giving Tuesday is a national movement that celebrates the power of giving and encourages individuals, families, and organizations to give back to their communities after two days of spending (Black Friday and Cyber Monday).

Why do Paul and Bernadette believe it is so important to give? It’s simple: gratitude.

“We didn’t get to where we are today on our own. We had lots of help from individuals and the community; that’s why we feel it’s important to give back,” explains Paul.

Establishing a family Foundation at London Community Foundation seven years ago, the Wainwrights wanted to ensure that their favourite charities continue to be supported, even after they are gone. Contributing to their fund on a yearly basis, the Wainwrights make annual granting decisions, supporting initiatives and charities that they are passionate about.

Paul and Bernadette also hope to engage their adult daughter in the giving process allowing her to designate a portion of the funds to a charity of her choice each year.

“The benefactors of tomorrow just don’t happen, they have to be cultivated, says Paul. Giving back is already part of her value system.”

Paul and Bernadette are excited to make a contribution to their fund this Giving Tuesday and spread awareness about giving back to the community.

You can be a part of Giving Tuesday too!

Make a donation to your fund, encourage others to give to your fund or make a donation to the Smart & Caring Community Fund. Make a donation online or contact us by phone (519-667-1600).