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Jun. 17, 2016

Local groups launch Food Policy Council to create sustainable food system.

(London, ON) - On the morning of June 16th, local groups took the first step toward creating a more sustainable food system, unveiling the Middlesex-London Food Assessment and announcing the creation of a food policy council.


The collaborative team of London Community Foundation, the Middlesex-London Health Unit, the City of London and Middlesex County, proudly unveiled the Community Food Assessment this morning at Covent Garden Market. Alongside the presentation of the assessment, the Middlesex-London Food Policy Council was announced with a call for applications asking Londoners who are passionate about food to submit an application to join the council.

 The Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment is the result of the contributions of hundreds of Middlesex-London community members. From food production to food consumption, risk management to waste management, innovation and technology to policy and advocacy, this assessment identifies specific strengths and assets in the region, important areas to cultivate, and strategic opportunities for food systems change.

The assessment is the map with which the future Middlesex-London Food Policy Council will chart a path towards a more local and sustainable food system. Recognizing the need for the Middlesex London community to come together to improve the region’s local food system, the Food Policy Council will coordinate community efforts to create systems change and advocate for local food issues.

“Early on, London Community Foundation identified the community’s challenge with increasing rates of food insecurity,” says Martha Powell, President & CEO, London Community Foundation. “Even though many groups are working to address the issue, there is a lack of a collaborative and systemic approach. By convening the right people, we have the opportunity to tackle food security and change the way our community thinks about food.”

"Londoners are way out ahead of us in recognizing that we need a strong local food system -- especially the entrepreneurs who are taking meaningful risks to do things differently,” says Jesse Helmer, Chair, Middlesex-London Board of Health. “I hope that the Middlesex London Food Policy Council will be a means for Londoners to make change at the systems level to build the sustainable local food system we need."

"The County is very much looking forward to working with our urban food partners on a Middlesex-London Food Policy Council,” said Marcel Meyer, Middlesex County Council. “We want to improve the link between the farmer and the consumer. This initiative provides the chance to contribute and change our local food system to something healthier, more sustainable, better coordinated, and more local."

The vision of the Middlesex London Food Policy Council is a community that sustains a healthy, safe, equitable and ecologically responsible food system, which nourishes all local residents and is economically viable.  The goal is to facilitate and support a safe, healthy and accessible local food system that is socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

To submit an application for the Middlesex, London Food Policy Council, visit: http://www.healthunit.com/middlesex-london-food-policy-council

To view the Community Food Assessment, visit: http://www.healthunit.com/community-food-assessment