Community Foundations launch search for faces of new national advertising campaign

Jun. 19, 2013

‘Community champions are our most passionate spokespeople’

(London, ON) June 19, 2013 – Canada’s community foundations are launching a nationwide talent search for local champions, both English and French speaking, to star in the movement’s first national advertising campaign.

“We are so excited to be a part of this national campaign,” says Martha Powell, President and CEO of London Community Foundation. “We are proud to have our community represented by enthusiastic community champions, leaders and builders; there is no one better suited to communicate what our community means to us.”

For more than 90 years, community foundations have been supporting communities large and small, from coast to coast. Together, Canada’s 191 community foundations hold more than $3.5 billion in assets, serve more than 80 per cent of the nation’s population and play a crucial role in how people give back to their communities. Now, we’re ready to tell that story and you can help!   

To find the star for the TV and radio campaigns, Community Foundations of Canada will be inviting participants from across Canada to post their auditions on YouTube until August 30, 2013. Individuals must be 18 years or older, amateur actors, and involved with their community or local community foundation.

“We’ll be looking for people to narrate our commercial, who embody the spirit of their community, as well as the campaign’s tagline: ‘Your Community Makes You. You Make Your Community’,” says Ted Nation, President of Yield Branding, the award-winning agency producing the campaign.

Talent search winners will be flown to Toronto, with all accommodation and transport paid, to feature in the production of television and radio spots and perform a spoken word anthem about community.

To audition or for talent search instructions, please visit


Media Contact:

Vanessa Dolishny, Manager of Communications

t:519-667-1600 x107 e:vanessa [at] lcf [dot] on [dot] ca