YIP Makes $1,000 Grant to Palace Theatre's London Youth Theatre Education Program

Nov. 06, 2013

LYTELondon Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy committee (YIP) has made a $1,000 grant to the Palace Theatre’s London Youth Theatre Education Program (LYTE).

The Palace Theatre’s LYTE program, which has been around for 10 years, provides theatre education programming to youth who come from families facing financial challenges. With the help of London Community Foundation’s YIP grant, the Palace Theatre will be able to work with the Thames Valley Children’s Centre to provide a safe and accessible camp for young people with physical and developmental challenges, and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With the expansion of the program the Palace Theatre hopes to instill a love for performance and arts in these youth. Since there aren’t any services available to youth facing developmental challenges or autism at the Thames Valley Children’s Centre past the age of 18, this program will fill the gap for those who wish to continue to develop themselves through community based programming.

Though the LYTE program provides an artistic outlet for youth facing financial, physical or developmental challenges, it's about more than just gaining performance skills. The youth in the LYTE program are given an opportunity to share their stories and experiences through a creative outlet. This program gives youth facing economic, physical or developmental challenges a voice.

The youth gain self-confidence and the knowledge that they can do something amazing that they are respected and valued for. They learn that they can contribute to something meaningful."- Faith Coates, General Manager, Palace Theatre