Partnership launches Green Economy, encouraging local businesses to go green

Nov. 09, 2018

From the health of the Thames to our energy consumption and forest cover, our local environment needs our help and attention. Seeking a future that is both healthy and green, the City of London and London Environmental Network are teaming up to create Green Economy London: Building our local sustainable economy.

Thanks to a $200,000 Community Vitality grant from the London Community comprised of $125,000 from the Smart & Caring Fund and the remaining $74,500 from the Beryl Ivey Endowment for the Environment Fund, Green Economy will encourage local businesses and organizations to become more sustainable through a voluntary tracking program.  The sustainability program involves tracking sustainability metrics and setting concrete targets for the reduction of emissions, waste and water.

By providing software, running forums, training sessions, surveys, peer-based learning, and opportunities for case studies, Green Economy London will be able to coach and support members and their organizations throughout their sustainability journey.

Green Economy London is the only target-based sustainability program west of Waterloo.  With its implementation, local companies and organizations will be able to tackle carbon emissions, waste creation and water usage. Not only is there hopes to create a new status quo, where sustainable business becomes the norm, but Green Economy London will provide an easy way for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and grow a local green economy.

“A business with five people or one with a thousand staff can both set a target and both can be recognized within the community when they achieve that target. It’s great sustainability work locally.  We hope that in six or seven years we can have close to 15% of London’s business workforce engaged in this program. That could create massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, along with water and waste reductions.”

- Skylar Franke, Executive Director, LEN

There’s a multitude of benefits for partaking businesses, including decreased operation costs and improved public image and brand value.  But more than that, our environment will reap the benefits, addressing challenges such as climate change. Making sustainable choices doesn’t hurt businesses.  Rather, it helps them to become more successful. It’s this kind of system change in attitude that has the potential for real impact.

The partnership between LCF, LEN and the City of London is a natural fit. LCF supports game-changing initiatives, and seeks initiatives that make a long-term impact. Green Economy will do just that.  By funding supporting program costs, supplies, materials, and team expansion, Green Economy London will be joining a national movement.  This kind of movement is indicative of positive, unstoppable change headed our way. Every individual action has an impact, but when compounded by all other actions, the resulting change has the potential to be game-changing for our environment.

"We want to build a future that doesn’t have catastrophic climate change. We want people to care about where they live and the environment they’re leaving to their children, their grandchildren, and other people’s grandchildren. This grant will help reduce our carbon emissions locally and improve our water quality, plus divert more waste from the landfill. That’s part of having a smart and caring community - having people engaged in improving their community, while trying to make it a better place than where they started out.” - Skylar Franke, Executive Director, LEN

Green Economy London is important for us now, for our future community and truly benefits one and all. Because global change start locally.  Congratulations to the City of London and the London Environmental Network for taking a chance, working together to create game-changing impact for the environment we live, work and play in every day. We can’t wait to travel this journey with you and celebrate.