Hang Your Hydro Bill Out To Dry

Oct. 10, 2011

The average clothes dryer releases a whopping 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of carbon emissions per load, making it one of the home’s biggest hydro hogs.

This is why Sharon Abbasakoor, with the support of The Thames Region Ecological Association (TREA), answered the Community Foundation’s 2010 Clean Air Challenge with The Clothesline Campaign.

Simply put, through The Clothesline Campaign we will promote and encourage the use of the outdoor linear, reel to reel clothesline as a way to reduce energy use. ~Sharon Abbasakoor

With a $10,000 Clean Air Challenge grant to be distributed over two years, Abbasakoor launched an extensive, City-wide marketing strategy promoting the advantages of using a clothesline. Additionally, four homeowners were selected at random to receive and install clotheslines with the caveat they use it exclusively this summer and compare their August energy bill to those of the previous summer. The average savings for each homeowner was $33 (315 kilowatt hours).

Did you know? Advantages of the clothesline include:

  • No fossil fuels are burned to generate electricity, as is for a clothes dryer
  • Only human energy and wind energy is used
  • No airborne lint is produced
  • No chemicals are used to create a “clothes-line fresh" smell
  • No static cling preventatives are needed
  • No risk of fire or toxic fumes
  • A family of four using an electric dryer 4 hours per week will spend $240 dollars more on electricity in a year, than a family without

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