Community Change one Neighbourhood at a time: The Neighbourgood Guide

Jan. 07, 2014

Do you ever wish you had more power to make small but meaningful changes in your community? We all want more bike lanes, more walkable streets and easier access to public transportation. However, the problem is, how do we get our ideas heard?

 In the spring of 2014 a new community based social network called the Neighbourgood Guide will make this possible. The Neighbourgood Guide is an online platform that will connect community members allowing them to communicate and coordinate a unified voice to facilitate change in the community. Providing an open forum for discussion, the site will allow residents of London to discuss issues important to them. By writing blog entries, sharing images, video and other digital content, residents of London will have an opportunity to mobilize municipal policy changes.

Funded by London Community Foundation and the City of London, the project initially received a Clean Air Challenge grant for its potential to positively impact the environment by encouraging community members to exchange ideas around active transportation, people based street designs and the overall environmental health of our community. After starting to work for the City of London in his role as Community Developer, Neighbourgood Guide project director, Ryan Craven, decided he wanted to take the project to the next level. The new version of the Neighbourgood Guide will allow London residents to discuss all issues related to the health of the community, not only environmental concerns.

The goal of the Neighbourgood Guide is to reduce the barrier that citizens of London have to municipal politics by encouraging networking and collaboration among individuals in an innovative and interdisciplinary way. The Neighbourgood Guide will help develop local leadership capacity by providing an inclusive online space for anyone to effectively share concerns regarding the community.

Want to make a change? Hold that thought! The Neighbourgood Guide is coming soon!