Collaborative launches satellite mental health crisis counselling on local campuses

Nov. 22, 2017

As identified in the Foundation’s 2016 Vital Signs report, mental health is the single greatest issue facing our community. In particular, there has been an unprecedented increase in youth seeking access to mental health supports. Western University, Kings University College, Fanshawe College, and the Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex (CMHA Middlesex) have all witnessed this first hand.  

With the help of a $238,181 Community Vitality grant, Western, Kings, Fanshawe, and CMHA Middlesex will make a significant impact tackling this issue. With walk-in crisis satellites at Western, Kings and Fanshawe, mental health literacy training, and peer support, this collaborative will assist students in distress, destigmatize mental illness and normalize help seeking for young people on these campuses. This project is believed to be the first of its kind in the province. 

Landon Tulk, Vice President, University Students Council says, “The partnership that this grant is supporting will be a game-changer. If we can make it that much easier for students to just seek a community support like this, we’re going to go a long way for that student during their time here on campus and a long way for them here in their life.”

Providing this important service on these campuses will support early intervention and a reduction of need for more acute services such as the emergency department. The educational component of this proposal will provide a preventative function, enhancing awareness of mental illness and destigmatize help seeking on campus.

What’s more, is that this initiative will provide a continuity of care for students. This will ensure that the mental health care needs of students are supported when they are in school as well as when they transition to the next stage of their life, whether that be in London or elsewhere in the province.

“Too many young people are falling through the cracks in our mental health care system,” says Martha Powell, President & CEO, London Community Foundation. We are proud to support this initiative that will help support early intervention and help bridge the gap so that students can receive the care they need, when they need it.”

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