Christina Devlin: 2015 Vital People Award Recipient

Jul. 04, 2016

Christina Devlin, Adult Program Coordinator, Autism Ontario - London Chapter

Although Christina has been in her current role for a short period of time, she has been involved with Austim Ontario London Chapter for about two years, in a variety of capacities. Not only has she been a part of the Leadership Council, but she has also run the adult social group and women’s support group, in addition to being a founding member of the “Bridging the Gap” sub-committee.

As a Vital People Award recipient, Christina will pursue the Disability Studies program at Ryerson University, offered in a part-time, distance education format, which will allow her to continue her work in the London-Middlesex community. 

This program directly relates to the work done in the Autism Spectrum Disorder community, and gives Christina the opportunity to be an effective agent of change. The courses will further develop Christina’s leadership and abilities to create new programs and resources for this notoriously underserved population, as well as develop her understanding of disability issues in Ontario. This opportunity will enhance her value to Autism Ontario and to the community served.

“My own experience as a person on the autism spectrum has fueled my passion to make a positive difference in the lives of others who face barriers to inclusion, and I have experienced considerable personal growth while working toward this goal,” states Christina. 

The Vital People Award honours individuals in not-for-profit organizations who have a passion for professional growth and demonstrate leadership in the community. The Award provides the recipient with up to $2,000 to support training and professional development. 

Congratulations, Christina! We wish you the very best as you pursue the Disability Studies program at Ryerson!