2018 J. Allyn Taylor Community Service Award

Nov. 14, 2018

When Ahmad Aljassem came to Canada from Syria in early 2016 with his family, he started visiting the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI). By the summer of 2017, Ahmad was volunteering with MRCSSI as a facilitator for their Photo-Voice project. During this time, Ahmad participated in group facilitation training and lead activities with several students. As he grew in his role at MRCSSI, Ahmad continued to volunteer with MRCSSI through additional video projects and program facilitation. Within a year, Ahmad had volunteered for a total of 128 hours with MRCSSI, in addition to attending high school full-time and holding a part-time job! His clear dedication and passion for the MRCSSI and his community is why Ahmad was selected to receive the J. Allyn Taylor Community Service Award this year.

The J. Allyn Taylor Community Service Award recognizes a grade 10 or 11 student who exhibits outstanding service to, and is actively involved in leadership activities in his/her community. The recipient receives a $500 donation to the charity of their choice and $1,500 towards their post secondary education.

“Ahmad speaks with wisdom, creating balance and bridging gaps to bring different perspectives together. With thoughtful leadership, he is gentle and quiet, speaking up to share things of great meaning. Ahmad is will respected as a leader and a trusted friend for many.” - Yasmin Hussain

Congratulations, Ahmad!

Ahmad has chosen to grant his $500 back to MRCSSI.