Someone to know: Kristine Marche

Feb. 20, 2012

The London Sport Leadership Program is much more than a youth leadership training program. It helps young Londoners secure needed jobs, help schools keep our students engaged, and fill demand for sport and recreation leaders in the city. We hope most sincerely that it will have a lasting effect on the lives of the participants, and the communities they live in.

To the students who have participated in the program, I want you to know that coaching takes immense confidence, empathy, listening skills, charisma, and the right attitude. You were chosen for this program because someone you know has identified you as having what it takes to be a community coach, a community role model, and a leader off the court as well. If this training helps you get a meaningful job in sports, or any opportunity you would not have been qualified for prior to taking these programs, that’s great. But if it helps you realize that postsecondary education is a goal within reach, that’s even better.

Each year, through the Vital Youth Award, we recognize one student who has shown exceptional growth throughout the time of the program. Along with the recognition, London Community Foundation will make a $1,000 payment to the post-secondary institution of his or her choice.

In 2012, this person is student Kristine Marche. Kristine was recommended for the 2011/2012 program by one of her teachers. We were told that Kristine's strength and determination transcended most her age. Madison Mather, the program coordinator at the Y and the one who spends the most time with these young adults over the course of the year, noticed Kristine as well.

"Upon meeting this particular student, I was pleased to see how excited she was to participate. At first, she was shy, reserved and uncertain about this opportunity. This quiet demeanor made me wonder how successful she would be, being that it was a leadership program. As I got to know her I was pleasantly surprised to see her quiet exterior dissolve and a strong, confident leader emerge. Her determination to succeed was evident and I was able to rely on her to take on leadership roles within the program with great confidence.

As the program progressed, Madison witnessed the students juggle the programs rigorous schedule, as well as a full school schedule, jobs and any extra curricular activities. Many succeeded. Kristine, however, exceeded the programs expectations.

"Despite any obstacles, or personal challengers, she tackled this opportunity with determination and utter grace. I know how much this experience has meant to her, and I believe that she will inspire many in her future."

Congratulations Kristine Marche!

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