Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life help build the next generation of community leaders

Aug. 25, 2017

Make an impact with a local charity, build long lasting friendships, receive valuable mentorship all while learning more about yourself; this is what London Community Foundation’s Engage! London program is all about.

 Now in its tenth year, Engage! London connects professionals in our community to local charities and mentors, and helps them learn how they can make an impact by giving their time, talent and/or treasure. With the help of Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life, Engage! London is inspiring the next generation of community leaders.

 Thanks to their support, London Community Foundation has been able to multiply the impact of the Engage! London program. Scott Johnstone, Regional Sales Manager, Wealth Management, with London Life is an enthusiastic champion of the program, stating “the program is the perfect marriage between business and community”.

 “I’ve enjoyed a 30+year career (with Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life). I’m a witness to the transition to a new generation in the workplace. I believe business and community leaders today have much wisdom and knowledge but how do we capture it? How do we transfer it? It’s not easy, but Engage! is doing it. I view this program as a knowledge and experiential conduit from one generation to the next.”

 In London and across Canada, the companies support numerous community initiatives, including projects to help young professionals grow as community-oriented leaders, adds Jen MacRae, Program Manager, Community Relations, London Life.

 “Our companies are here to help Canadians achieve well-being financially, physically, and mentally. It speaks volumes that many of our local leaders and employees have chosen to be involved with Engage! London.”

 Scott Johnstone’s hope for the future is that participants stay connected with this vital program so they in turn are able to give back as leaders and mentors, and help shape our communities.

 “Engage! London is enabling the necessary new thinking – and with it, new opportunities – to address the challenges in our changing city, province, country and world.”

 Now that’s community impact!