The Changing Landscape in Government Relations

May. 07, 2012

Pillar Nonprofit Network , with its partners Imagine Canada, London Community Foundation & United Way London & Middlesex, invite you to:

The Changing Landscape in Government Relations

Guest speaker: Dr. Michelle Gauthier
Vice-President, Public Policy & Community Engagement - Imagine Canada  

 When: Tuesday, June 12,2012, 9:30 - 11:30 AM 
Where: The Convergence Centre, UWO Research Park
Investment: This event is free thanks to London Community Foundation

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Michelle Gauthier is witnessing first-hand how the sector's relationship with government is changing. Charities and nonprofits no longer wait for government to lead the way. Charting their own course, they define priorities for action to maximize their impact and work together to strengthen their collective voice across geography and sub-sector. They still seek to educate, inform and collaborate with government, but they also innovate and engage in more earned income activities to heighten their independence.

This new maturity is emerging against a challenging backdrop of growing demand for the sector's services and supports, even as government funding is constrained and as the demand for more accountability, transparency and communication of impact increases. Governments are considering new funding and delivery models to address and assess progress on seemingly intractable social, economic and environmental issues. They are rethinking the nature of their relationships with charities and nonprofits across the country and indeed their own roles.

Michelle is happy to share her sense of how these issues are playing out at the federal level and welcomes the opportunity to hear from you about how your organization is contributing to a new relationship between government and the sector.

Generously sponsored by London Community Foundation