The Faulkner Family Fund: Tackling Literacy

Jul. 03, 2013

The Faulkner Family with Governor General David JohnstonDuring his career as a police officer, Murray Faulkner was exposed to a variety of social issues; especially those related to crime and poverty. These experiences peaked his interest in social agencies and how they can assist policing in these areas. This interest soon became his life and passion.

Murray first got involved with London Community Foundation once he retired from the police force. Joining the board and granting committee, he developed a keen interest in the social aspect of the foundation and the role it plays in granting funds to charitable organizations. As his knowledge of the Foundation matured, he decided to set up the Faulkner Family Fund. The idea of investing a gift in perpetuity was something that appealed to him greatly. It provided him with an opportunity to give back to the local community while engaging his wife and daughter in the process. Moreover, after he and his wife pass away, their legacy will live on forever with his daughter and her future children who will continue to cherish this gift.

With the Faulkner Family Fund, a Donor Designated Fund, Murray plans to tackle the issue of literacy. For the Faulkner family, literacy is an issue that resonates with each one of them. Between Murray’s wife and daughter practicing in the teaching profession and his career in law enforcement, literacy was a concerning issue that they had all seen the effects of.

The ability to read and comprehend is so important. However, many individuals suffer from poor literacy skills. This has a direct impact on their success in our society. There is a clear cause and effect relationship between one’s reading ability and ability to succeed.”- Murray Faulkner, Honourary LT.31 Service Battalion

Through the Faulkner Family Fund Murray and his family hope to have a positive impact on the literacy skills of local children and youth by granting to various organizations that address this issue.

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