Dr. Larry Patrick: Fostering Positive Health through Preventative Care

Sep. 25, 2017

*UPDATE: We're sad to inform you that the Cardiac Fitness Institute unfortunately closed its doors in 2017.  Anyone looking for similar services can reach out to Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging (CCAA) at Western University or Advanced Medical Group (AMG).  Both groups are open to CFI patients (CCAA involvement and AMG involvement).*

For some individuals in our community, certain aspects of health care remain out of reach. Though our health care system is inclusive for the most part, many individuals find themselves unable to afford the care they need when OHIP coverage falls short.

Dr Patrick (centre) and his colleagues at the Cardiac Fitness Institute at LHSC

Dr. Larry Patrick, cardiologist at LHSC, has dedicated the last 36 years of his life to bridging that gap so patients can receive the care they need, when they need it most.

Cam Willis, Donor-Advised Fundholder, has been one of Dr. Patrick’s strongest supporters over the years.

A true unsung hero, Dr. Patrick runs the Cardiac Fitness Institute (CFI) at LHSC, a program that relies completely on the support of local donors. Providing integral, preventative care to those who are at risk or have suffered from heart disease or cardiac arrest, Dr. Patrick has the privilege of impacting the lives of his patients every day.

“Dr. Patrick’s efforts to create and grow the Cardiac Fitness Institute at LHSC –Victoria Campus helps scores of cardiac patients pursue exercise, nutrition and general well-being in a facility that does not require the patient  to pay significant sums in order to get better, or to become stable and  enjoy life to the full,” says Cam. “Many of the patients would not be able to afford this type of care or facility because of the expense they would incur. Moreover, they are in a managed and supervised program second to none.”

Understanding the importance of prevention in cardiac health, Dr. Patrick founded the Cardiac Fitness Institute at LHSC 36 years ago. The centre focuses on cardiovascular risk management. Since some of the most common adjustable risk factors for cardiac problems include smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and elevated cholesterol, Dr. Patrick’s programs are aimed at providing patients with the tools to improve these areas such as exercise and nutrition advice.  

“Cam is one of our biggest fundraisers,” says Dr. Patrick. “His regular generosity is really appreciated. He goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

It is donors like Cam who make this program a reality. Dr. Patrick sees 1000-1800 patients of all ages come through his door at the CFI each year. It’s thanks to his generous supporters that he is able to bridge the gaps for those individuals who otherwise would never be able to afford these services.

“I am pleased to be able to support this program through London Community Foundation because I know first–hand of its success and what this program is able to do for anyone who wishes to use its services,” says, Cam. “Dr. Patrick works tirelessly to make it happen and is to be commended for his efforts. There is not a lot of glory to be gained publically in his efforts, but I for one am most grateful for all his support and services that the Institute provides. I am glad that our Family Fund supports it and hope that others will help it grow and flourish.”