The David A. & Eleanor E. Morrison Charitable Fund

May. 16, 2018

Honouring the memory of his beloved wife, Eleanor, and forever supporting the needs of our community have become a multigenerational family legacy for David Morrison.

“I wanted something long-term to pass down for generations. This fund will keep Eleanor’s memory alive and carry on her legacy. With the endowment, more charities will be supported and, as a result, more people in our community will be helped.” - David Morrison

Jeffrey and David sitting on a couch, with a picture of Eleanor displayed on the table in front of themMarried for 56 years, David and Eleanor were actively involved in the community, supporting causes they were passionate about. Immigrating to Canada from Scotland in the early 1950s, they were both grateful for the opportunities that Canada offered. They believed it was important to give back, and always set aside a portion of their income for charitable causes.

Over the years, the couple contributed their time, talent and treasure in a variety of ways. David completed 19 years as the Director of Hutton House Association for Adults with Disabilities (where he was a founding Director) and was President of the Hutton House Foundation for seven years (and he continues to serve on the board today). Eleanor immersed herself in causes that supported women’s issues including abused women and resettlement services for female immigrants. The couple were also dedicated supporters of local hospitals.

After Eleanor’s passing, David wanted to honour her memory and continue to support the community long-term.

“It’s something she would’ve liked to have done and seen,” says David. “Eleanor was a very special lady who was much loved and is missed by many. She had a special gift to communicate with people and readily became involved helping families and organizations. She was very humble and did a great deal of charitable work silently.”

David had heard of LCF from various sources over the years and was aware of the work the Foundation was doing in the community. The conversation of starting a fund began with longtime friend and financial advisor Henry Thuss. He encouraged David to start a fund at LCF as he was also very involved in the community.

As a businessman who made a career out of investing, starting an endowment fund just made sense to David.

“I wanted the funds to be put to good use,” he says. “LCF understands and addresses a wide range of issues in the community. They have the ability to direct resources strategically to our community’s greatest needs. With strong governance I know my funds are well-managed and stewarded.”

David and Jeffrey, sitting on a couch, laughing togetherEven though the intention was always to pass the fund down to family after he is gone, David isn’t waiting to engage the next generation – giving has already become a family affair. He has selected his grandson, Jeffrey MacLean, to act as the next steward of the fund and has already started engaging him with the Foundation.

“Jeffrey is thoughtful, considerate, genuine and sincere. He is a successful businessman but also very attuned to the needs of the community,” says David.

Jeffrey still remembers going to visit his grandparents and watching his grandmother knit cap after cap for premature babies in the hospital. Seeing her selfless generosity and drive to give back continues to inspire Jeffrey today.

“It’s a rarity to see people put others before themselves – my grandmother was that type of person,” says Jeffrey. “She made a mark on me at a young age, and this fund is the simplest way I can continue to make a mark on this community, forever, in her name. It’s a great honour and privilege to be a part of this.”

One day, after David’s passing, Jeffrey will be the primary steward of the fund, making all the granting decisions. The hope is, further down the road, the fund will be passed down to Jeffrey’s two grown children, Matthew and Emilie.

“Eleanor would be very happy to see her legacy continue,” says David. “She was charitable but humble. She was very generous in helping people, so I think she’d be proud that I’ve continued to support the community as she would have done if she were still here today.