Andrew's Legacy #11Forever: family fund creates awareness of the importance of CPR & defibrillators

Mar. 03, 2016

Andrew StoddartFamily has always been the number one priority for the Stoddart family. Andrew was an avid sport enthusiast, playing soccer for Embro, football for the IDCI Bluebombers as well as Track and Field. At age 15, Andrew was a star athlete and very active youth with his whole life ahead of him.

In an instant, the Stoddart family’s lives were changed forever when Andrew suddenly collapsed on the field while playing soccer on May 11, 2015. His heart had stopped. Despite all efforts to revive him, Andrew was pronounced dead at the hospital. His heart went into an arrhythmia and never regained a regular beat.

Just a regular teen, Andrew’s life was taken from all who loved him much too soon.

Had an AED (Automated External Defribillator) been present, Andrew might still be with us today.

This tragedy motivated Andrew’s mother, Cara, and aunt, Krista to start a fund in his memory at London Community Foundation.

With a drive to create awareness about the importance of CPR and AED’s, they wanted to give back in a way that would keep Andrew’s memory alive while at the same time, preventing similar tragedies from happening.  

Cara and Krista wanted to raise awareness and funds for the purchase AEDs so these lifesaving devices could be placed in as many places as possible. Realizing they would need to obtain charitable status in order to do this, they knew there had to be an alternative.

After asking around, they learned about London Community Foundation. They quickly set up a meeting with Diane Silva, the Foundation’s Director of Philanthropy.

“After sharing our story with Diane, we instantly knew we had found a group of people who would help us on our journey,” exclaims Cara.

She says, “Having our fund with London Community Foundation means that we don’t have to worry about all the details and administrative work. We can focus on what’s most important: growing Andrew’s legacy. Having a fund with London Community Foundation means that no matter what happens to us in this life, Andrews legacy will continue to live on.”

Throughout the past several months Cara and Krista have been fundraising so that they can spread awareness about the importance of CPR and AED’s as well as purchase AEDs for public places in the community.