What would you do?

Aug. 16, 2012

As we lead up to the release of our third Vital Signs report in October, we asked several Londoners what they would do if they had their own charity. In the video above, Joel Adams, Ivey Professor Tima Bansal and Rabbi Dressler share their thoughts. 

Each reply is different but all reflect a love of London and a desire to improve various areas of our shared community based on individual core values and beliefs. 

Consider this:

Pride London uses London Community Foundation to house The Rainbow Youth Bursary. Donations to this fund support Pride’s annual Rainbow Leadership Award for Youth.

Through the Community Foundation, a group of friends put together a classy, creative birthday gift for Tom Whealey and ended up creating a legacy in his name for thousands of needy youth at the Boys and Girls Club.

A couple with young children wishing to remain anonymous in their giving established The Making a Difference Foundation at the Community Foundation.

David and Ann McColl Lindsay wrote a bequest in their Will that instructs the Foundation to use part of their estate to support several local charitable organizations and causes they care about, in perpetuity.

And, finally, my husband and I started a named fund at the Foundation because we wanted to support the Foundation’s community based granting programs regardless of the fluctuations in our annual income (i.e. I’ve had two maternity leaves within four years and there is another one on the horizon).

These are just some of the ways London Community Foundation provided individuals, families or groups the flexibility, involvement, and recognition of a private foundation while relieving them of the administration, legal, and financial stewardship responsibilities. 

What would you do if you had your own charity? We can help. 

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