Grant Story

YIP Makes $1,000 Grant to Palace Theatre's London Youth Theatre Education Program

London Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy committee (YIP) has made a $1,000 grant to the Palace Theatre’s London Youth Theatre Education Program (LYTE).

Grant Supports YMAP Students to Attend YMCA's Camp Queen Elizabeth

The Youth in Philanthropy committee has made a $1,000 grant to the local YMCA that will support YMAP youth to attend YMCA’s Camp Queen Elizabeth.

London's Muslim Resource Centre Receives $5,000 Funding Boost

With increasing numbers of Muslim and Arabic immigrants settling in London, there is a growing need to address the integration issues specific to these communities. With family violence being an...

YIP Makes $1,000 Grant to Glen Cairn Resource Centre's Speaking Lens Program

London Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy committee made a $1,000 grant to support Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre’s Speaking Lens program.  By providing low income youth with...

London Social Incubator Fosters Innovation for Change

A Social innovation Shared Space would provide the community with an environment where local individuals and organizations could come together to share ideas on issues like (but not limited to)...

A New Beginning: London Community Chaplaincy Brings Hope and Imagination to Those Living in Poverty

For families and individuals living in the housing owned by London Middlesex Housing Corporation, poverty is a reality that they must face every day. The effects of poverty are far reaching and may...

Bright Futures Bursary Program Gets Funding Boost

For youth in care of the Children’s Aid Society, the ability to pursue a post-secondary education from a financial perspective seems almost impossible. Many of these youth already have overwhelming...

In Motion Strives to Make London Canada's Healthiest Community

In 2012, in the Middlesex London Health Unit region, the obesity rate for people 18 years and over was 20.1% compared to 18.0% in both Ontario and Canada. What’s more is that the self-reported...

Community Vitality Grant Makes Family Fitness Accessible

Childhood obesity is a growing issue in our society. Although many different socioeconomic factors can be tied to obesity, poverty is particularly significant.

Crazy about Mental Health

The volume of mental health calls/investigations that London Police respond to increased by 12% from 1,411 calls in 2005 to 1,574 in 2009.