Witness Blanket Speaker Series: Truth and Reconciliation: art, stories, and understanding

Jun. 09, 2017

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Aira Guerrero

London Community Foundation presents Truth and Reconciliation: art, stories, and understanding, a series of tours, films, and talks on Thursdays at Museum London. Join us every Thursday evening from June 15th - July 6th for this engaging and educational speaker series. The Foundation hopes to spark challenging yet critical conversations about one of the darkest chapters in Canadian history.

After welcoming the Witness Blanket to our community on June 1st, we encourage you to visit Museum London and learn about the history and heritage of the Indigenous peoples across Canada and the legacy of the residential school era.

The Witness Blanket is a 40 foot monument comprised of over 800 artifacts from residential schools across Canada. Learn about Master Carver Carey Newman and his year long journey creating the Witness Blanket. View films and join in discussions about the residential school legacy in Canada and ongoing efforts towards reconciliation.

When I see the artifacts, I remember the children. The ones who didn’t make it home. When I walked through the doors at residential schools, I had no choice but to stay behind those walls. Then I saw the door on the Witness Blanket and when I walked through, I took a deep breathe and I could walk back out. This is where I am." - Vivian Timmins, Residential School Survivor

#BeAWitness and pay tribute to those who have been directly or indirectly impacted by residential schools. Hear more stories and learn about the atrocities of Canada's residential schools at the Witness Blanket speaker series. The Witness Blanket is on display at Museum London until July 9th.

June 15: "Our Voices, Our Stories" Filmmaker Barbara Cranmer documents British Columbia's 'Namgis community as they demolish the Alert Bay residential school.

June 22: Myths and Realities of Aboriginal Conditions, with Jerry White, Director of Aboriginal Policy Research Consortium, Western University.

June 29: "We Were Children" National Film Board of Canada (NFB) film about the impact of Canadian residential schools on two children, Lyna Hart and Glen Anaquod, from their point of view.

July 6: Perspectives of Reconciliation with Margaret Buist, Indigenous and Northern Affairs and Al Day, N'Amerind Friendship Centre. Talk about reconciliation from national and local perspectives.

7:00 pm - Talk on the Witness Blanket
7:30 pm - Film or Guest Speaker
8:30 - 9:00 pm - Q & A session

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The Witness Blanket is brought to you by the London Community Foundation and our partnership with Museum London, through the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th. 



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