Remembering Tony Kyle

Oct. 24, 2018

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Lori Runciman

LCF almost missed having Tony Kyle as part of its family. Let me share what happened.

Back in 2007, Tony began a term on our grants committee. However, for the next three years, Tony and LCF had very little engagement with each other because the grants program was in transition requiring minimal volunteer involvement.

With the end of 2009 marking the conclusion of Tony’s term, LCF sent him a thank you gift to acknowledge his willingness to serve. We regretted not having fully benefitted from Tony’s expertise. This is where we almost missed him.

But thankfully Tony was not easily bid farewell and asked to stay on as he desired more opportunity for involvement with us. We were delighted. Not sure if Tony came to regret that a little, but he faithfully remained active with LCF ever since that time becoming a strategic leader and visionary contributor to the Foundation.

During the past nine years, Tony was a member of the:

  • Grants Committee until 2016 including three-years as Chair;
  • Board of Directors from 2014 -2016;
  • Visioning Task Force in 2014; and
  • Community Mobilization Committee from 2017 to present.

It was Tony’s analytical thinking that enhanced key strategy and criteria for the Community Vitality program.

It was Tony’s insights that inspired a change in the Community Vitality program’s administration to a more proactive and collaborative approach.

It was Tony’s gift of public-speaking that LCF relied on for its main events such as the Community Vitality workshops and the Annual Celebration.

It was Tony’s vision and astuteness that helped form LCF’s 10-year strategic path.

Among many of Tony’s characteristics, he was incredibly thoughtful giving impeccable attention to detail.

And so Tony’s Celebration of Life illuminated the amazing person he was; from the venue to the program throughout each beautiful song and comforting word. He generously left the following gifts:

  • Carpe diem
  • Nurture Your Inner Child
  • Plant for the Future
  • Listen Well and Laugh Loud!

Without a doubt, the sound of his infectious laughter will remain in our memories.

London Community Foundation is blessed that Tony will be part of its family forever.

For memorial donations and more information regarding Tony's passing, please see the death notice on the Harris Funeral Home website.