Reflection: Family raises $50,000 to help improve palliative care

Sep. 29, 2017

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Diane Silva, Director of Philanthropy

I was so pleased to see the Hermann family’s giving story in the Globe and Mail. This is a perfect example of a family with the foresight to understand how setting up a Donor Advised Fund offers a platform to make strategic investments to causes, year after year.

I can relate to the Hermann’s choice to support the Palliative Care program at Parkwood hospital, as I recently experienced the impact and depth of their work when my mother-in-law was in their care this past summer. The care she received was second to none and I am deeply touched to see donors like the Hermann’s supporting this cause. Gifts like these cause a ripple effect that goes far beyond the dollars - the Hermann’s are effecting real change, to people and their families.

Parkwood is certainly a very worthy cause.  That said, I’m also mindful of how the needs in our community are so diverse offering donors, volunteers, and citizens a multitude of ways to make an impact. I encourage you to read the Hermann’s story and be inspired to think about how you too can give back and be part of that ripple effect.