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Mar. 01, 2017

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Lori Runciman, Director of Grants

Older and more strict.

Those were the words someone used to describe what they thought I’d be like when anticipating our meeting.

An image of an elderly stern librarian popped into my mind.  And I can make fun of that stereotype because I’ve been a volunteer librarian. 

The fact that he felt comfortable sharing that with me conveyed, I think, his sense of relief and that our meeting was worthwhile.

It struck me that probably more people feel the way he does.

Just as my librarian role required I contribute to the maintenance of a welcoming and friendly environment where visitors aren’t fearful of being shushed, my Director, Grants role requires the maintenance of an open-door to - as Louise Pitre* so perfectly described - the “creative, good-hearted non-profit organizations in our community.”

The London Community Foundation recently introduced the General Intake Application Portal.  This was formerly the Donor Directed Grant Portal.

In addition to a name change, questions were modified and added to the application.

The reasons for these changes are to:

  • Give easy access to potential applicants unfamiliar with the Foundation – until now, I think it was unclear to some which “door” to come through.
  • Provide applicants, who are already well-acquainted with the Foundation, with an easy way to keep us updated on their current needs
  • Ensure we have an ever-expanding understanding of the funding needs in our community suitable to the potential opportunities for support through our Foundation

Bottom line, as the community foundation for London and Middlesex, we are always seeking to learn how our resources can strengthen our community.  Reach out and I promise you won’t get shushed.

 *(Louise Pitre, Executive Director, Family Service Thames Valley from “Transforming the System Response to Mental Health Through Cross-Sector Collaboration” 2016 Community Vitality video)

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