Humans of LCF - Sherry Groulx

May. 15, 2018

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Sherry Groulx

I have been working with people of all ages in the not-for-profit industry for about 25 years. Officially, I am the Executive Director at Kids Country Club, a short-term respite home for children described as medically fragile and/or technologically dependent. In reality, I am a woman following my passion.

Health care is a 24/7 job. Our organization does an amazing job, day and night, meeting the holistic needs of our children in respite. Through our work at Kids Country Club we have the opportunity to work with many courageous families - parents who trust us with their children, and those same children that just want to have fun as kids. Families coming together, making new friendships, and building relationships with other parents who share similar experiences – that is what drives our passion. These parents share a common story - they often feel isolated, overwhelmed, and even helpless at times. Meeting the needs of these families is the driving force for all of us at Kids Country Club, and often the main motivation for working here.

But the children – they are the ones who inspire us the most; they are the reason we do what we do, day in and day out. Despite some unique challenges, children are naturally optimistic and happy, and it’s contagious. Children in our care provide all of us a boost of energy and hope for the future – their optimism is infectious.

With at least one nurse and one DSW or PSW on hand, Kids Country Club provides client-focused care for up to six medically fragile children per day and 50 children throughout the year in our London home.  Our care is family-directed and each child has a unique care plan, because each child is unique.  We strive to create a fun, home-like environment where children and caregivers enjoy each other’s company and have a great experience.

In my role as Executive Director, the dedication and hard work of the staff inspires me to continue to do my best. I take pride in finding things to make their job better for them because I know they are dedicated, talented and genuinely care.

Kids Country Club greatly depends on the support from organizations and donors such as London Community Foundation.  For Kids Country Club, LCF’s support is meaningful and tangible, whether through the funding to purchase a new hospital bed, providing funds to repair a water-damaged floor, or a wagon for the kids to enjoy, we simply could not manage without their support.  The Foundation has a wide range of partners and resources that they have connected us with, as well. For example, they reached out to a group of volunteers who helped paint and renovate our house. Additionally, when we had drainage issues that desperately needed to be fixed, LCF connected us with someone who would do this work for us immediately.

We count on LCF for support, whether it be through funding, donations, spreading awareness or connecting us to other community partners - London Community Foundation has helped make many of our dreams a reality.  Working in a people-helping industry is inspiring, but working with an organization like LCF that connects our local community together is just as inspirational.