Humans of LCF - Jill Wright

May. 11, 2018

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Jill Wright

I have been a strong supporter of London Community Foundation (LCF) since I first moved to London in 1993. At my first opportunity I began volunteering for LCF where I learned about community foundations. The Foundation’s method of giving in smart and meaningful ways through endowment funds and making a lasting positive impact in the community motivated my family and I to work with LCF and open our own donor-advised fund called the Making a Difference Fund. It was easy to set-up as LCF are the experts and they understood what my family was looking to support in philanthropic ways.

Our fund supports local organizations, individuals and various causes around the city. Our family is passionate about helping in order for people to make positive change with that extra bit of funding.

Most recently, our fund focused on a donation to St. Joseph’s Hospital/BrainX90 program that supports mild traumatic brain injured patients looking for concussion recovery information assistance while they are grappling with wait times to enter into the advanced recovery programs.

I was involved in an accident a few years ago, so I know what it feels like to be waiting – and to grow more worried and confused about what I could do to help myself get better with each passing day. If I had received some therapeutic background information in advance, I think it would have been very helpful in my road to recovery. Since this experience, I made it my goal to help assist other patients and their families who have this long wait, it’s important for them to feel supported. Thanks to our Making a Difference Fund’s contributions to the Brain X program at St. Joseph’s Hospital, a concussion support website has been created. Anyone can access this valuable information that can assist in their self-care concussion management. The tools and tips offer key information on how to begin to recover.

London Community Foundation also provides us with a unique way to include our daughters in philanthropy. Each year they get to choose something that interests them and make their own donations. I was so proud when the oldest used her donation to support art classes at Parkwood Hospital for the veterans. She had visited the program with her school class. When she heard that the art supplies ran low, she was inspired to support them through our family fund. The work we do through the Making a Difference Fund is something my family can do forever and will continue to do to support this community.