Humans of LCF - Greg McQueen & Libro

Aug. 09, 2018

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Stephanie Winterton

16 years in and he still gets up excited to go to work.  Passionate about how Libro Credit Union takes such an active role in the community, Greg McQueen, Vice President, Channels of Libro Credit Union, thrives on the personal connection. 

“For me, it’s about doing something with meaningful connection and that helps enhance the prosperity of our community, whether that’s London or Southwestern Ontario. That’s a key part of our value proposition.” – Greg McQueen

The bottom line isn’t solely about profit with Libro and that’s a big part of why Greg loves working at Libro.  In the past 16 years, he’s worked through various roles across the region, including Lambton County, Middlesex County and London, now working every day with all branches across the Libro network.

Being able to create connection and amplify impact are just two of the things that Greg finds rewarding in his work. From Innovations Works to the Windsor Accelerator and everything in between, the Libro footprint spans many communities, uniting them in a way.

Greg has previously spent time on the board of Junior Achievement before passing that seat over to another passionate coworker.  He has been heavily involved in VERGE, playing a key role through LCF’s Social Finance Committee, which started it all. A family man that understands the value of social finance, impact and community, Greg is most certainly a Human of LCF.