Humans of LCF: Beth Li

Apr. 10, 2018

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Beth Li

I was born and raised in Beijing, China. Since I was a little girl, my father always taught me, “Wherever you are in the world, however much you have, always remember to share.” This is the one lesson I have always taken with me.

Growing up, I watched my father hosting fundraisers such as auctioning off paintings from child artists around the world to support UNICEF in helping with disaster relief in China. The upbringing perhaps sparked my involvement in charity and fundraising within my own community.

I moved to Toronto when I was 17 and became the pharmacist owner of Shoppers Drug Mart downtown location in London in 2014. As grew to become a health professional and experienced different parts of the world, I couldn't help but notice the need to empower women in taking care of their own health.

My colleagues at Shoppers Drug Mart are not only pharmacists and business owners, but philanthropists at heart. In 2015, Shoppers Drug Mart stores in London donated $500,000 towards Women's Care Program at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) to enhance urogynecology care. Female incontinence is such a commonly stigmatized and overlooked issue yet can significantly impact a woman's quality of life. We stood behind our patients and customers to make the access easier and faster to this much needed service. More recently, local Shoppers Drug Marts across the city held the second annual "SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women" Campaign which raised $110,000 towards supporting Women's Mental Health programs at LHSC. I can proudly say that being a pharmacist owner within such a community minded organization makes me want to do more and get more involved.

I initially became involved with London Community Foundation through their ENGAGE! LONDON program because I wanted to do just that - become engaged with other professionals in the city with different professional and cultural backgrounds. Through the program, I developed lasting friendships with many people that I may not have otherwise connected with, and I met with amazing mentors who are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.

My advice is, "be passionate about everything you do and be generous with everything you give."