Humans of LCF: Andrew Fleet

Apr. 16, 2018

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Andrew Fleet

In 2008, we launched Growing Chefs! in London, Ontario as a way to connect local chefs, farmers and children, youth and families in our community. Growing Chefs! aims to help young people understand how much they can impact the economic health of the community through the choices they make with what food makes it to their plates. I love when community members can identify gaps and come together with a solution. Growing Chefs! is driven by community. It amazes me that in our first few years, we were completely run by volunteers.

My first direct involvement with London Community Foundation was through the Engage! London program. A team of professionals helped me lay the foundation for the creation of our first strategic plan. The team helped our organization find weak spots and strengthened our governance. The Engage! London team helped energize our volunteers and create a solid structure for the board. Subsequently, they laid the framework for how the board measures success and failure.

The Foundation helped me understand my community while helping me be more strategic. The process of applying for grants was extremely valuable, as it forced us to think about our organizational needs and gaps as a whole.

I believe when there is a will, we often already have a solution. Oftentimes it is local organizations who have the ability and potential to make change; London Community Foundation supports us in this endeavor. They are the prime example of a community investing in itself to become stronger. This feeling has resonated with me from the start - the moment I walked into their office, I could see the passion and willingness to help from each person.