Call to action: our river needs you!

Mar. 14, 2019

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Martha Powell

We need YOU to help move us closer to what London can be.

The decision regarding the future of Back to the River was deferred by the City’s Strategic Priorities and Policies Committee to March 25th.

If you believe in the transformational vision of this project and the benefits it will bring to our community, we urge you to contact your local Ward Councillor and the Mayor to share why you believe this project is an important part of London’s future.

We also encourage you to join us in the gallery at city hall on March 25th at 4:00 p.m. to show your support for Back to the River.

Why do we believe in this project? Because:

  • It will build our local economy by developing a prosperous and bustling riverfront – attracting talent and increasing property values.
  • A core component addresses one of our community’s most urgent needs – housing affordability.
  • It’s about strengthening the social and cultural fabric of London by providing access to dynamic and inclusive gathering places for all Londoners to enjoy - regardless of socioeconomic status.
  • A revitalized riverfront provides access to green space that can enhance health and well-being, allowing Londoners to meet, explore, and play.
  • It’s about connecting London back to our natural assets and the sacred nature of the river.
  • The health of our local environment and ecosystem affects our entire community, not just the neighborhoods directly along the river.
  • We've seen the impact of river revitalization projects in other communities across North America and the impact is astounding!

This is the first phase of a long-term vision that will reach throughout London and beyond. Please show your support for this project. Help us create a thriving and inclusive London for all!

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