Leaders & Advisors

London Community Foundation works with many leaders and advisors. These individuals generously volunteer their time and energy on our Board of Directors and our advisory committees.

Their knowledge and dedication help shape our work and ensure we remain in touch with the community we serve.

*True community heroes, fondly remembered

Honorary Directors

Richard M. Ivey
*Lorraine Ivey Shuttleworth


2019 Board of Directors

Greg Playford, Chair

Jan Pryde, Vice Chair

Fred Galloway, Past Chair

Dania Ajami

Helen Connell

Al  Day

Teresa Hollingsworth

John Mockler

Diane Nash

Erin Naylor

John Nicholson

Khaled Sultan

Jill Wright     

Dale Zorgdrager

Advisory Council

Donna Bourne

Bill Brady

Jeannette Eberhard

M. Lee Myers

Patrick O'Neill

Barrie Neal

John Nicholson

Judith Rodger

Robert Siskind

*Diane Y. Stewart

Janet Stewart

Cal Stiller

Gordon Thompson

Lucille Wolf


Communications Task Force

Helen Connell, Chair

Katrina Fortner

Adele Huffman

Vic Jindal

Erin Naylor

Liisa Sheldrick

Jill Wright

Community Mobilization - Back to the River Committee

Fred Gallowar, Chair

Donna Bourne

Al Day

Patrick Donnelly

John Fleming

Skylar Franke

Teresa Hollingsworth

Daniel Hsia

Andrew Mcpherson

Glen Pearson

Greg Playford

William Pol

Ashley Rummeloo

Sheila Simpson

Hank Vander Laan

Finance & Audit Committee

John Mockler, Chair

Dale Zorgdrager

John Craven

Shawn Gihuly

Amy Lee

Sunny Mann

Peter Whatmore

Grants Committee

Dania Ajami, Vice Chair

Jim Alexander

Summer Bressette

Helen Connell

Al Day

Nadia Joseph

Madeline Lennon

Lissa Savage

Karna Trentman

Stephen Williams

Clint Wilson

Jill Wright

Investment Committee

Khaled Sultan, Chair

Paul Brisson

Heather Broadhead

Joe Di Brita

Angela Hamilton

John Schmitz

Kelly Webster

Clint Wilson

Leadership Development Committee

Diane Nash, Chair

Melissa Aveiro

Craig Emptage

Murray Faulkner

Vic Jindal

Jack Jung

Heather Siskind-Levite

Andrew Young

Social Finance Committee

Erin Naylor, Chair

Joan Atkinson

Tima Bansal

Lina Bowden

Shane Butcher

James Chan

Lynn Davis

Sebastien de la Lande

Michelle Foote

Lee Greenwood

John Nicholson

Esther Toth

Jerry White

Vital Signs Task Force

Madeline Lennon, Chair

Shawn Adamsson

Summer Bressette

Mary Ann Colihan

Jerry White