About Community Foundations

The vitality of our communities, or community vitality, is something community foundations care about a great deal.

Community vitality is the unique spirit that flourishes when people believe their community holds possibilities for everyone.

And it can be measured by how well people’s needs are being met: from our most basic needs—sustenance, shelter, health care, safety—to those that give quality to life, such as places and opportunities to play, learn and create.

Community foundations are charitable organizations dedicated to improving communities in specific geographic areas. They do this by pooling the charitable gifts of donors to create endowment funds and using the investment income to make grants. Community foundations also provide leadership — monitoring their area's quality of life and convening people, ideas, and resources to help build stronger and more resilient communities.

Our Vision for Communities

All signs point to stronger communities. To us, the best sign for Canada’s communities — our vision for them — is that they are strong and getting stronger. What would this mean? A vital community is one that:

  • Includes and offers opportunities to everyone
  • Has the knowledge and ability needed to help shape its own future for generations to come
  • Can meet its most important needs, challenges and opportunities, today and in the future
  • Is filled with people who are interested and engaged in finding ways to make their community a more vital place to live, work and play

In our vision, our communities are ready to address pressing problems like poverty, unemployment, hunger and housing. And all citizens are able to benefit from the best a community can offer: the arts, recreation, health care, education, safe and inclusive neighbourhoods and a healthy environment.

10 Reasons People Choose Community Foundations

We are a local organization with deep roots in the community, and part of a nationwide movement whose support  we build and share.

We bring donors to the table as community builders, working closely with them to align their philanthropic vision with the community’s needs.

We identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in solutions that let our communities guide their own future.

We take a broad and inclusive view of what a community is, and provide grants to the widest possible range of organizations and initiatives.

We provide highly personal and flexible service, accepting a wide variety of assets and offering donors maximum tax advantage.

We build permanent funds and those that can respond to immediate needs, helping our communities ensure vital futures.

We multiply the impact of gift dollars by pooling them with other gifts.

We believe that diversity is strength, so we bring the entire community together to stimulate new ideas, build participation and strengthen community philanthropy.

We are transparent and reputable stewards of community resources, committed to being accountable, accessible and responsive.

We build community vitality – the unique and essential spirit that flourishes when people believe their community holds possibilities for everyone.